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Does half of a bottle of wine impact you as strongly as me? The weight of its effects depends on a variety of variables: regularity of consumption, body weight, attitude towards drinking, have I eaten something today, my current emotional state, even the weather can be said to play a role.

The truth is that most things we encounter in life somehow affect us, no matter how small and inconspicuous, be it for example a banal question. A variegates response develops from person to person, again a culmination of past experiences.

A bottle of wine, of course, is only a rough and trivial synonym for the social world, which itself leads one to reach for the bottle be in it a positive or retrospectively negative manner. One might also decide to consequently stop engaging the wine altogether, no longer wanting anything to do with it.

What’s exciting is the ways in which seemingly identical events or inputs can play out so differently for people. Through interactions our being and presence in the world is continuously shaped and manifested. This should not, however, lead to assigning blame, as this would be too irresponsible, cowardly and easy, potentially leading to a resigned standstill - an only slightly desirable state. It is not suggested that to move is a result of the will to move, but there should be intention and thought behind our actions.

The bottle might simply be a means of metaphorizing the seemingly egotistical moment in which one wishes to withdraw and enjoy one’s personal daydreams.

                                                The wine should not trivialize but rather serve as an opening metaphor for the themes around which the content of the album circles. Themes like loneliness, social dynamics and their repercussions, processing experiences, (making changes) or sinning with elegance. Right now, I’d rather not build up too much anticipation or much away, as the next 44 minutes and 8 seconds, to which I warmly invite you with “this is not folk.”, will surely be intense enough as is.

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